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A Crown of Life: A Novel of the Great Persecution

A Crown of Life is an epic romance spanning ten pivotal years in the history of the world, beginning in 303, when churches were closed, scriptures were confiscated, and Christians were forbidden to assemble and later forced to prove their loyalty to the empire by offering a sacrifice to the government’s gods. Thousands chose death instead, in what has been known since as the Great Persecution.

Here is the story of three siblings of a wealthy Greek family, the boldest of whom breaks her engagement to a young Roman tribune because she has become a Christian. As the persecution intensifies, all three siblings are forced to leave home, while in the West the heart-broken tribune becomes the siblings’ only earthly hope—as an aide to the new emperor Constantine.

Vividly written, with surprising twists, heart-pounding drama, a colorful cast of endearing characters good and bad, and profound insight into life’s deepest mysteries, A Crown of Life is an inspiring tale of Christian faith in the face of death. You will weep. You will cheer. You will fall in love. You will learn why they believed and why they died.

About the Author

Brian Patrick Mitchell

Author Brian Patrick Mitchell is a former soldier and journalist, the author of several nonfiction books and scholarly articles on politics and religion, and a deacon of the Orthodox Church. He and his wife have three grown children and live in Alexandria, Virginia.